When to Start Using Anti Aging Products?

“Forever young and not old” is the desire of all women today. But in fact very few women succeed in preserving the youth of the skin that is because they do not know how to fight skin aging.

Surely the word “anti-aging” as a definition that we often think is for the elderly … But actually, wrinkles have formed before you see them. They have been around for a while until they appear one morning and you “look” in panic at your face.

When to Start Using Anti Aging Products?

Let’s find out the best way to start with the fight against skin aging!

Wrinkles are formed like?

The first sign you know your skin is aging is the appearance of wrinkles. When we were young, our skin was rich in elastin and collagen with great moisture retention and quick repair and regeneration when skin is in trouble.

But as time goes by, two things happen to the skin:

  • From the outside: UV rays, polluted environment, gravity of the earth …
  • From the inside: hormonal changes, stress, toxins from food …

As skin ages into aging, skin repair is four times slower than skin at a young age, the level of collagen that makes firm and elastic also decreases over time. All this will form two things: wrinkles and sagging skin.

How old should anti-aging?

When to Start Using Anti Aging Products?

In order for the anti-aging process to be most effective, we must know when to fight aging.

Accordingly, human skin begins to age from the age of 25. Because at this time, the structural components of the skin are Collagen that helps to create elasticity for the skin and Elastin to help create skin elasticity that has shown signs of decline. and shortages. The skin begins to show signs of aging as the skin is drier, no longer glowing, the pores are also bigger. In fact, this is all too obvious, but we are often subjective and a little lazy so only when the skin has shown signs of aging can be awakened and rushed into skin rejuvenation.

By the age of 30, the smoothness of the skin is noticeably reduced, the appearance of crow’s feet on the corners of the lips, the corners of the nose, the wrinkle on the forehead. By the age of 40, the signs of aging will appear. on the skin. This is the alarm that we are aging rapidly.

Normally, women will embark on anti-aging in their 30s – when the skin has formed wrinkles, the effect will be not high. Dermatologists recommend that women who want to fight aging and maintain their spring color should shake hands from the age of 25, even in their 20s.

The fact has also been proven, those who start anti-aging skin sooner, their skin also rejuvenated longer and less prone to bruises, age spots attack.

How to slow down the aging process of the skin?

Of course, our skin cannot be young forever and will age with the years. However, for women, how to make themselves younger is extremely important!

Here are some things you can do right now to slow down the aging process:

1. Use sunscreen

The number one cause from outside skin aging is UV rays. Therefore, sunscreen is the best anti-aging product that you need to invest immediately. Do not believe it? Take a look at the picture below:

Mr. McElligott has two distinct facial parts, the cause of Mr. McElligott’s condition is that the sun shines on one side of his face for 28 years as a driver. See the article more clearly.

Do you want to use sunscreen yet?

When choosing a sunscreen, look for products with a sunscreen level of SPF 30 or higher with UVB protection, choose sunscreen with PA ++ or PPD or higher to protect against UVA rays.

What if you are still unclear what UVB and UVA rays are? You can refer.

If you like Innisfree sunscreen, see how to choose sunscreen

For those with sensitive skin, you should use sunscreen lines for sensitive skin. The characteristic of these sunscreens is that the SPF is not too high, so when going out for a long time, remember to bring sunscreen with you.

Make sure you use it regularly and apply enough amount to your skin. Use makeup remover at night when using sunscreen.

2.  Enhance moisture

The older you become, the less moisture your skin will lead to, the more dry your skin and the pores will become. Enhance moisturizing by using a thicker cream and regularly apply masks containing HA ingredients to supply water to the skin.

3.  Drink lots of water

Water helps purify toxins in the body and moisturizes the skin. Drinking from 2.5 to 3 liters of water will effectively support the fight against skin aging.

4. Familiarize yourself with products containing Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an extremely effective anti-aging active ingredient. Vitamin C promotes collagen production to make skin brighter, firmer and more evenly colored. Therefore, from the age of 25, you should use skin care products containing Vitamin C.

5.  More interested in daily nutrition

Eat plenty of anti-aging and collagen-boosting foods like dark green vegetables, fruits rich in Vitamin C, Omega-3-rich foods, etc. to help keep your skin glowing from the inside out.

6. Use anti-aging skin products

Anti-aging cream (serum, essence, cream …) can help you inhibit and reduce the signs of skin aging. These products work by “preventing” the damage that has accumulated over the years and repairing your skin.

+ Collagen supplements

On the market today there are many synthetic collagen products so that you can take additional collagen to the skin. This is the most effective anti-aging skin today.

What time do you start using? Right now! It is better to start early with this product than the results you see on the skin after they appear to be wrinkles. Depending on your age, you can choose anti-aging skin products from low to high levels. For example, in your 20s, you need products that moisturize and regenerate your skin’s barrier. At the age of 30, you need products that have more repairing and regenerating effects on the skin.

7. Treat your skin gently.

Avoid using coarse brushes or lines of mask that adhere to the skin whenever we remove the mask. Avoid using cleansers with a high pH to dry out the skin.

Should regularly perform gentle and proper massage movements for the skin every night to help lift the skin, promote blood circulation under the skin.

Hopefully the information shared above will help you better understand the process of skin aging, so that you can know how to fight aging effectively.